Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A degree of thought


"A kilo of mixed degrees please.
One high degree two low degrees
Rather louche the low degrees
don't you think?
Oh yes and one of optimism
one pessimism one cleverness..
and possibly one of stupidity?
No Hang on I've changed my mind
Ditch the last one

One of certainty and one excitement
One of passion Two of se_ No.
At my age..perhaps not
I'll consider Would it be too tiring?
Oh alright then We only live once
Make it three Yes three!
Yes I'm quite certain

Now what's left? A degree of patience
One of staying power One tenderness
One friendship No make that two
One pleasure One intensity One equality
One respect One concern One communication
One support (no not a truss we're speaking degrees here)

One security One sensitivity
One of warmth and one of closeness
Humour? Yes a few One of wit (vitriol-free)
One hilarity One kind-humour
One good-humour
What do you mean I have to take
bad-humour as well?
Cheaper by the pair? Don't care
Hang the expense Good humour only!

One degree of trust two sided 3D
(space and total)
One of time and that larger one
of varied thought
Oh yes and a degree of feeling
the multi-pack-numerous
Oh and can I have one in
mental bungee? I wore the last one out

Thank you

copyright 1995 Charlotte Peters Rock

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