Tuesday, 20 November 2007

What degree?


over years
for a Degree

Of what?

Philosophic learnedness?
Can sophos be learned? *

Is philosophic thought
the better then
if someone else
philosophed it?

Ah! Literature!
Alliterating literature.
In what degree?
Fifteen letter words?

But what if
sixteen letter words
are also learned?
Would that degree
be too high
a degree
for a Degree?

Does a Degree
raise the degree
of consciousness?
Would that make it
a Degree of Levitas

Did the studied literate
and philosoph first
take a higher Degree?
If not would studying
their thought bring down
your own?
To a lower degree?
If not why not?


sophos = wisdom
philosophy = the love of wisdom
contention: wisdom is innate causing the seeking after philosophy.
Otherwise everyone would seek it.

copyright 1996 Charlotte Peters Rock

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