Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Time away


Time was I held you in my arms

Drove away the hooded crow that perched
at the end of your tiny bed

Silenced the rampant cock that strutted
along the lane on your way to school
darting his beak across your skin

Swung you out and high and wide
your hands in mine your head thrown back
a Magic Roundabout all our own
as the earth dipped in and the sky fell out

Tickled your knees and ears with grass
summer-seeded along the lane
where you lay asleep in the afternoon
near the shadowed spider spinnings
that glistened all night in jewelled dew


Lying in sheets all tumbled round
I fret and fumble murmuring low
shaking sounds to a deafened door
standing between my life and death
staring in from the window behind my bed

Swinging all the world away
the hands and hearts and the heads thrown back
giggling into a roundabout laughter
as death dips in and life dips out

Silences call from the ramparts now
to winding gears as the years run out
and death's mouth kisses at my skin

Driving in the hooded crow to perch
at the end of the tumbled bed

Time now to hold me in your arms
soothing time away
copyright 1996 Charlotte Peters Rock

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